Hydrogen block at Apache Point Observatory, New Mexico

Hydrogen (and the H-alpha line)

The Red Field was set up in 2010 by Tim Fitzpatrick and Babs McCool with the aim of delivering innovative community art in a wide range of both familiar and unlikely public spaces in Fife.

Over the following 8 years, and with a programme which rapidly spread to the whole of Scotland, The Red Field became known for it’s interdisciplinary community projects where performance, music, film and some unexpected locations combined to create a series of highly inventive works. Often in partnership many of Scotland’s local authorities, universities and other cultural and heritage partners, the group was always seeking to break new ground and with new collaborators. With the likes of performer/artist Alex Rigg, composers Michael Nyman, Grayston Ives and Sean Doherty, drum and bass man Goldie, sculptor Marion Smith and writers Yvonne Gray and Ken Cockburn - along with way too many others to mention - we found our own distinct place in the world of Scottish community art.