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Ways of Thinking

Ways of Thinking is made up of 14 internationally recognised artists from who are making new work for the UK in Japan 2019-20 programme. Funded by the British Council and Creative Scotland and led by the Scottish based cultural trust Lateral Lab the artists are drawn together from several years of shared residencies and practice in Scotland and Japan.


Now, in the space of a few weeks, the work and the visions have been profoundly overtaken by world events as we all struggle to make sense of fundamental changes in our lives and those of our families and communities.


In early March 2020 Ways of Thinking stood at the point of closure but, through the extraordinary support and commitment of four key galleries in Japan, the project was given the chance to continue. Ways of Thinking gives us a point of focus and a shared responsibility: art and culture underpinning our lives and connecting us all in ways that stand apart from all else.


The art will be exhibited - as best and as safely as it can be - in July and September in Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka and, as the team continue to work towards that goal, the progress will be shared here, however that might unfold.